Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Venezuela is done for; it is not me saying it, it is Raul Castro

The news today is of course Obama deciding to renew ties with Cuba after about 50 years of embargo and what not. I will not even bother to put up a link, just open your Google News section.

I am not going to argue the pros and cons. One thing is clear and it is that the embargo has not worked, has furnished the odious Castro criminals with an excuse that they have milked beyond the udder. Yet the failure of the embargo was not the idea per se, but the way successive weaklings applied it, speaking tough when the Miami Cuban vote was needed, forgetting about it as soon as they were sworn into some elected office. Clearly something had to be done and I am too busy, too overwhelmed by my own life and home problems to give you the opinion of my crystal ball about the well founded of that initiative of Obama, or any other possible one.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mas idioteces de Arreaza, una vergüenza de vice presidente

Ya tuve que narrar unas cuantas imbecilidades del vice presidente que nos gastamos en Venezuela estos días. Pero el tipo insiste. Ahora va a amarrar la pata a los mesones de trabajo de los investigadores para evitar la fuga de cerebros.

En la cumbre Iberoamericana de Veracruz hace unos días Arreaza se quejo de la fuga de cerebros de América Latina, llegando a decir palabras destinadas al inmortal diccionario de los perfectos idiotas (expresión ya vieja en cuanto se refiere a cierta izquierda latinoamericana).

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Phantom of Miraflores

There is no doubt about it, not only Maduro is in denial but he has a plan. That the plan is written by Cubans willing to gamble on outright repression is inconsequential. That the plan has any chance of success is beyond the point. That chavismo itself will not support it is the least of his worries.

Floating, falling, sweet intoxication

Right now all indicators are in free fall.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

A small commentary on the exaggeration of the Bolivar collapse

For readers of this blog and other keen observers of Venezuelan reality, it has not passed without notice that the black market rate of the Venezuelan Bolivar (VEB) has taken a major dive in front of the America Dollar (USD).

The last time the VEB was below 100 to an USD was October 21, at 98,09. Thus we can calculate that the depreciation of the Venezuelan currency has been of (174.03-98.09)/174.03=43.6% in 51 days. That is, the currency has lost 43.6/51=0.7% per day. A staggering number by any mean.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

When dictatorships have nothing left to lose: Machado on the spike

What is more surprising today is in fact that the regime did not jail Maria Corina Machado, when it could have done it exactly as it did with Leopoldo Lopez.  Why?

That tweet shows her leaving the prosecutor office after having been charged with conspiracy, which means that if she were to be found guilty after a trial she would get at the very least 8 years in jail. So, why is she, apparently, going to be tried "in liberty" while the same trial for Leopoldo Lopez is going nowhere, leaving him to languish in jail since February 18 in rather abject conditions? After all, there is no doubt about her being guilty by association with Lopez, as you can see by yourself next as she accompanied closely Leopoldo Lopez the day he was taken by the regime.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

La imbecilidad del vicepresidente que tenemos que calarnos

Me van a perdonar si empiezo una entrada con un insulto pero no tengo otra palabra para cualificar a Jorge Arreaza, el vicepresidente de Venezuela. El es un imbécil.
Operación colchón 

¿Por que lo digo? Pues si usted no lo sabia todavía sus palabras en un congreso de "ciencia" lo confirman sobradamente. Lo que voy a escribir a continuación es un comentario sobre su participación en la clausura del III Congreso de Ciencia Tecnología e Innovación. Uno podría pensar que frente a una audiencia que no tengo razones para presumir de una pobre formación científica Arreaza hubiese medido algo sus palabras. Pero no, picó adelante y reveló más sobre los objetivos reales de la "revolución".

Primero dijo que la caída del precio del petroleo es una conspiración de Obama y la derecha apátrida de Venezuela:
"Si esos factores políticos, si el imperialismo cree que con la guerra del petróleo va a poder con la revolución bolivariana sepan que el látigo de la contrarrevolución nos da más fuerza que nunca para desatar nuestra creatividad, nuestra inventiva, nuestros conocimientos para superar todas las crisis que se presenten; no podrán con la patria de (Hugo) Chávez, ni con los poderes creadores del pueblo"

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mao's Beijing on the Güaire: the Grand Chavez ballet company

It looks like chavismo will never run out of idiotic ideas. Yesterday we saw how we paid for them with oil prices plummeting. Today journalist Andreina Marquez (@mintina)  attended a ballet performance.  Words fail common sense....  Here are some of her tweets.