Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to admit failure in Venezuela: by threatening further and blaming others

I have to start with my own admission: for the past few weeks I have watched no Venezuelan TV, I have read papers at best every three days, and besides a little bit internet, not much else...  But in all honesty I have also written less than usual and watched out on what to write. But Maduro gave me a pearl too good to pass on. The more so that it is in my field....

I have written several times already on how the regime has tried to control the distribution of ANY agricultural products through SADA, SICA and what not. In short, for those late in the show, in theory in Venezuela you cannot move a truck load of food, or ingredients needed to prepare food without a government permission that includes all, even the license driver of the trucker. For example, about a third of what I sell falls into that category and before we ship them we need to await for a government permit processed through Internet but that may take quite a few hours to be delivered. Sometimes forcing me to suspend shipment until the next day so I have to pay an extra day, and night, to the chauffeur forced to wait, notwithstanding the client having yet to suffer one more delay.... You get the picture.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The man died yesterday and has been today's news. I am no going to write much about it but I need to acknowledge that he was a rather poor politician, a maybe not so great human being, but one of the most stupendous writers ever. I have already written in 2007 a homage to Cien Años de Soledad, mentioning Love in the Time of Cholera and Chronicle of a Death Foretold, three essential books, to which if you are Latino American you should also add El General en su Laberinto.

One thing I have noticed it is the attacks made against him for his friendship for Fidel Castro. I want to make two comments on that.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The US of A has a hard time to understand why South of the Rio Grande we have problems with them

This is one example, on Google news tonight.

Moises Naim explains how Fidel and Cuba took over Chavez and Venezuela

It is Maundy Thursday and I am tired after a very difficult week. Fortunately Moises Naim publishes a complete and brief summary on how Fidel Castro sucked the brain out of Chavez making this one transform Venezuela into a Cuban colony. Long time readers of this blog knew that, of course, but it is the first time I see this so explicitly printed in major media, title included: "Cuba fed a president’s fears and took over Venezuela".

Mientras Dudamel sigue vendiéndose a la represión Montero nos da un himno libertario

Gabriela Montero nos da una combinación de la Polonesa Heroica de Chopin con el himno nacional de Venezuela.

El único problema es que el chaburrismo ni sabe, ni le interesa, lo que Chopin y Polonia representan. En fin, que se hace .....

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Close to Easter the Guarimbalogue starts laying empty eggs

I am going to be brief: the vaunted results of last night "dialogue" leave me cold. True, Aveledo announces that a better truth commission WILL BE named, that an amnesty law has been rejected but that other ways WILL BE tried, that the opposition WILL BE able to offer suggestions to the fight against crime plan, that the many public officials that should have been chosen long ago WILL BE picked according to the law.

Am I the only one detecting a pattern of wishful thinking? Can I trade 4 WILL BE for a single IS?

See, when Patiño, the Ecuador foreign minister and maybe the biggest fan of chavismo inside UNASUR expresses wonderment at how much was achieved in a single session, well, I am suspicious.

There has been so many WILL BE in the past that went absolutely nowhere, that ended up favoring the regime, that I shall be excused to express my doubts.

That UNASUR was prompt in abandoning the opposition in April-May 2013 makes me doubt very much that this time around that they may be more serious.

That the people who made possible through gurarimba pressure that the regime accepted to sit down with the opposition are not present at the table makes me doubt that the results will be received with elation by the hoi polloi on the barricades, or not.

I think we should forget that, keep protesting as long as the regime does not throw at us a real bone; and for good measure actually challenge Aveledo to force him to bring him on the bacon or step down along with Capriles.  I am sorry but for all their merits they did lose in October 2012, the "lost" again in April 2013, they lost a lot in December 2013. How can I believe that this time around they will get something out of the regime? Just my opinion, what do I know.